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 Westside Studio Co-Founder Bill McLeod enjoyed 35 years as an Advertising Photographer working with Ad Agency Creative Teams to develop and provide Photography for their Ad Campaigns.


Accounts worked on include Honda, General Motors, RJR MacDonald, Rothmans, Warner’s, Seagram’s, Suzuki, Isuzu, Canadian Government Office of Tourism, Ontario Tourism, Cachet Perfume, Big Brothers,

TV Ontario, Burger King, American Express, United Way and Volkswagen 


The Skills Bill acquired for the Production of Advertising Photography, over and above Fundamental Photography and Darkroom Skills, include Casting and Directing Talent, Location Search and Management, Set Design and Build, Prop and Wardrobe Selection, Visual Effect Direction, Hair and Makeup Direction, Lighting, Composition for Ad Layout, and Production Budget and Management.


 Having Good People Skills, Being at Home in the Outdoors and Being a Problem Solver by Nature have all been assets in realizing success in his field.


Bill enjoyed working at a time when the challenge was for Photography to be Completed In-Camera.


His success in the Industry without the use of Photoshop or Digital Manipulation gives him the perfect blend of skills to teach the Core Elements and Principals of Advertising Photography.




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